Dinner and wine for healthIt seems our European counterparts in France, Spain, Italy and Greece have had it right all along: having a glass or two of wine with dinner every evening leads to a happier, healthier life, according to new research out of the Universities of Helsinki and Tampere in Finland.

According to the findings, individuals who have up to a third of a bottle of wine every day with food were found to be healthier, happier and generally more positive – which explains why those who love to drink wine are so much more fun to be around than those who don’t.

Researchers studied 2,600 people between the ages of 18 – 69 and asked them a variety of questions including general health, mental health and overall outlook on life. They then asked about their drinking habits. After compiling the data the researchers found that out of those who admitted to having a glass or two at dinner or lunch, these individuals scored significantly higher in all three categories than those that did not.

And, it was not just about drinking that was important, but specifically when and what was consumed. Those that had beer or cocktails or drank without food gave much lower ratings than those who drank wine with meals. The study, which was published in the journal of alcohol and alcoholism states: “This further confirms that those drinking only wine during meals should not be considered as a risk group on the population level.”

The findings were then reinforced by Public health policy consultant John Duffy – a former United Kingdom adviser and alcohol statistics expert: “This study is another piece in the jigsaw showing that moderate alcohol consumption is not a health risk for most people, but may in fact produce health benefits.”

So go ahead and pair that steak with a bold red, or that salmon with a nice glass of rosé. The pairing won’t just elevate the meal, it will also improve your health.