Sometimes, you need a neutral party to decide whether your actions are justified in a particular conflict. Enter: Reddit’s “Am I The Asshole?” group, a community of 6.5 million Redditors that judge strangers based on a brief post outlining details of a personal drama.

Those familiar with the subreddit — commonly referred to as “AITA” — and its rules might already know that users can share their opinions in a vote, which includes verdicts like NTA, YTA, Not Enough Info, or Everyone Sucks. It’s also worth noting that each post only tells one side of the story, and while the narrator might not seem like the bad guy, the post is only their version of events.

We’ve rounded up the internet’s most controversial drinks-related AITA questions from the past week. From a gifted bottle of wine to wedding menus, there’s plenty of tipsy drama (and etiquette advice) to go around.

Read through each description and post, then decide for yourself: Is this user really acting like an asshole?

New Dad’s Post-Delivery Gift

Is a bottle of wine an appropriate gift for a new mom? In this post, a 26-year-old states that he gifted his partner a basket of items she avoided during pregnancy. The gift included sushi, a coffee machine, and her favorite bottle of wine. The new mom’s parents, however, worried that alcohol can be passed through breast milk, reportedly calling him “uneducated” and “immature.”

Around 1,700 users weighed into the conversation, concluding that the new dad was “not the asshole.” Users point out that the wine doesn’t need to be drunk immediately and, pending medical advice from the mom’s doctor, can be enjoyed in moderation.

Third-Wheeling (and Funding) a Date

Consistently picking up the tab for a friend can get annoying — especially if that person unexpectedly brings a date to your hangout.

In this awkward scenario, two friends plan a night out at the bar. One friend (who’s currently unemployed as a full-time student) asks the user to pay for her drinks and drive her home. The Redditor agrees but is surprised to arrive at the bar and see her friend has invited a romantic interest. The user notes that this is the first time that she’s met the potential suitor, stating that she feels “like she only invited me because she needed me to fund her date.” The user leaves the bar, letting her friend find her own way home.

Final conclusion? NTA, as users note in over 300 comments. If a friend is generous enough to pick up the tab and offer a ride home, don’t take advantage of their kindness.

Just Water, Please

It’s not uncommon to encounter “dry” weddings, as more couples experiment with craft mocktail menus and other fun offerings. Simply serving water at a wedding, however, seems to ruffle quite a few feathers.

In this scenario, a Reddit user discusses plans for their large wedding (100–150 guests). The couple in question doesn’t drink alcohol, and the user states that they’d rather spend money on food than drinks. Cost seems to be the focal point here — the Redditor notes that they don’t believe soft drinks are worth the extra expense.

Commenters note that it’s perfectly fine to host a dry wedding. However, offering only water at a reception seems a bit cheap — giving this post a “You’re the Asshole” popular vote. Over 10,000 Redditors in the comments offer advice for cutting costs in other areas of the wedding.

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Beer

This user left her beer can on the corner of a table, and her husband spilled it. The husband allegedly deflected responsibility for his clumsiness, blaming the Redditor for placing the beer in this spot where it could be knocked over.

The unanimous conclusion in the comments? Not the asshole, but it’s worth an offer to help clean up the beer. (As some point out, this entire post could be avoided if the husband took responsibility for this simple mistake.)