One “Antiques Roadshow” guest received quite the surprise after learning the value of some neglected booze. Three Johnnie Walker bottles, tucked away in the attic of her family home, could fetch a value of some $17,000.

“Antiques Roadshow,” a reality television show on the BBC network, aids guests in discovering the approximate value of family heirlooms, thrift shop finds, and other items. A guest on a recent airing stated that she had found the three whisky bottles in her grandfather’s house, which she had owned since the 1950s, according to The Sun.

The rare bottles ranged in age, originating sometime between 1907 through the 1930s. They differed in hue from amber to a darker brown, with beige and red labels.

While the label itself brings quite the prestige, the show’s host explained that the liquid inside is less-than-ideal. The bottles experienced some evaporation as they’d been stowed in an attic, rather than in proper storage conditions.

One bottle, originating from the 1930s, was valued at £1,000 ($1,127). Much to the guest’s delight, the others were estimated to carry a hefty price tag of £7,000 ($7,891) for each bottle.

The spirits had been a gift to her grandfather from a nearby pub that was closing.

“He picked these bottles up for nothing and they’ve turned out to be something. It’s amazing,” the guest stated, according to Express.

Now might just be the time for some cleaning — perhaps you’ll find a rare whisky bottle or two in the process.