Forget the notion that all boxed wine is garbage. Thanks to this Chilean company, quality boxed wine might just be a thing. As CNBC reports, a new Boston-based company, Archer Roose, is now offering premium boxed wine for even the most pretentious of palates.

“Bottles of wine stay good for only two days after opening — and you’re actually paying more for the shipping and packaging than the wine inside the bottle,” claims Marian Leitner-Waldman, CEO of the new startup. Archer Roose’s offerings include three different boxed wines from Chile; a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Sauvignon Blanc, and a Carmenere.

Quality Boxed Wine Is Now a Thing
Photo via Archer Roose

The wines are produced at “high-end wineries,” producing wines that would “normally sell for $20 per bottle.” Each box, which holds the equivalent of four bottles of wine, sells for $29.99– slashing the per bottle cost to a mere $7 per bottle. These extreme cost cuts are made possible by cutting the shipping costs down by nearly 70 percent via bulk shipping in 24K liter tanks; the wine is shipped to New York City and brought upstate, where they are packaged for distribution.

And the benefits don’t just stop there. Archer Roose claims that wines remain fresh for up to six weeks, thanks to their bag-in-box design, which limits oxygen contact. The boxes are currently available in various states along the East Coast, with plans to expand further south this year. A French rosé from Provence is next on the company’s list of offerings; we’ll wait ‘til then to test it out.