There are two things in life that guarantee happiness: dogs and beer. Sure, there might be some other things that make you happy, but a cute dog and a cold beer? Done. Peak happiness achieved.

Wineries have vineyard dogs and BrewDog offers puppy pawternity leave, but Concrete Beach Brewery in Miami, Fla., knows how to reach that peak customer happiness. That’s why the brewery decided on a monthly event called Pups & Pints, a full-on dog party at the brewery’s open-air bar.

That’s right. Every month, deep in Wynwood Arts District of Miami, there’s a deluge of dogs and beer. For the humans, there’s a brunch menu and, of course, beer. Regulars can also refill their GROWLers (get it?) for half price. For the dogs, there are complimentary pours of Concrete Beach’s specialty “Woof Wort” made with beef stock, bacon, and peanut butter while a company called Dishes for Dogs brings out dog food.

Looking for somewhere to move with your four-legged friend that’s always warm? Time to book a flight. Here’s a taste of what you’ll see if you make it out to Concrete Beach Brewery on a Pups & Pints day. All photos curtesy of Concrete Beach Brewery.

Playing with all the buzzed patrons can get tiring, clearly.

French bulldog and beer

That look when you finish your first pint.

Brewery Dog

All pups welcome, just so long as they don’t hit the doggy buckets too hard.

French bulldog at brewery

Yeah. That’s real happiness you see on that Frenchies’ face.

Girl holding dog

Hand held dogs always welcome too.

French bulldog in a brewery

Long days at the brewery can make even the most hardy dog sleepy.

Dog hanging out at the bar

Just hanging out is highly encouraged, no human interaction necessary.

French bulldog with a beer

Just don’t let the dogs steal all your beer.