A protein bar released on Wednesday in the U.S. might just be the miracle cure for your holiday hangover. Named “SOBAR,” the snack promises to reduce the body’s alcohol absorption by 50 percent, the Drinks Business reports.

The idea for SOBAR came about after its inventor Joseph Fisher, MD Ph.D., enjoyed one too many drinks on an empty stomach while attending a wedding. “After that experience, I thought that there was a huge need for a specialized, low-calorie snack that could efficiently and effectively reduce alcohol absorption,” Fisher said.

A clinical trial conducted by Zero Functional Foods (the company behind the bars) tested SOBAR’s absorption rates against other foods — no food, eating a snack mix, and a full meal— in a group of 21 healthy adults.

The findings showed that eating a bar before consuming alcohol reduced alcohol absorption by a rate of 50 percent more than if someone didn’t eat anything at all. For those who ate the snack mix, the absorption was reduced by 25 percent.

According to SOBAR’s website, the bars are a way to “better manage blood alcohol levels” and are meant to be an aid in responsible drinking. While eating a SOBAR may help with a hangover, it’s not a claim they are prepared to make.

The bars come in three flavors, white chocolate almond, honey peanut, and caramel macchiato, and are available for purchase online.