Lick a lollipop, dip it in a bag of sugar, and what have you got? Well, apart from a really big sugar rush, a British phenomenon known as the “Dib Dab.” Those of us familiar with the candy remember it as a playground staple, but one confectionery company is reinventing it as a boozy adult treat.

Smith and Sinclair’s Double Dipper comes with two Prosecco-flavored lollipops, raspberry sherbet (that’s powdered sugar, not the frozen fruit dessert), and a 10-percent ABV peach bellini gel. The confectionery company suggests using a drop of the gel on the Prosecco lolly, before dipping it in the sherbert for an indulgent twist on the Peach Bellini cocktail.

The brand announced the relaunch at the end of January (how had we not heard of them before?), writing: “Back by popular demand! Our Dipper has undergone a major facelift and is now THE DOUBLE DIPPER, made for sharing.”

While their products are currently only available in U.K. stores, Smith and Sinclair apparently delivers to “every corner of the world.” The Double Dipper retails for (roughly) $11.50 a pop, plus $15 postage and packaging.

If you’re going to spend that amount having candy delivered, why not sample some of the brand’s other alcoholic treats? The British confectioner also offers alcoholic cocktail gummies as well as cocktail “F.I.Z.Z.” tablets that add color and effervescence to your favorite alcoholic drink.