When it comes to food and beer pairings, nothing works quite as well as simple, roasted salted nuts and a refreshing brew. Capitalizing on a classic is Planters, which announced a peanut-flavored craft beer collaboration with Illinois-based Noon Whistle Brewing.

Called Mr. IPA-Nut, the release will be Planters’ first beer, Thrillist reports. The announcement comes just a week after news of a similar collaboration in the U.K., where peanut brand KP Nuts worked with London brewery Deviant & Dandy’s to release the KPA, another salty, nutty brew.

“It would have been easy to make a great stout or porter with nuts, but Planters wanted to prove that nuts go great with any style beer,” Noon Whistle owner Michael Condon said in a press release. “We took their Honey Roasted Peanuts and made a great IPA that highlights both hops and peanuts.”

“Mr. IPA-Nut has a unique citrus aroma with a hint of honey-roasted peanuts followed by a slightly salty finish,” Noon Whistle says.

Are these beers the sign of a growing, nutty-beer trend? Planters’ peanut-flavored beer will be released October 27 to coincide with National American Beer Day. The release could be just a clever way of gaining exposure during a popular social media marketing holiday. And of course, there are many peanut-infused brews in the craft beer world, like DuClaw’s Sweet Baby Jesus, a chocolate peanut butter porter.

For now, you’ll need to head to Illinois to get your hands on one. Mr. IPA-Nut is currently exclusively available at Noon Whistle’s brewery in Lombard, Ill., as well as a few other select locations in the state.