Grandpa Joe just revolutionized how, where, and how convenient it is to take pickleback shots. Introducing Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop and its glass bottles of Pickle Juice Soda.

The store, which claims to “have the largest glass bottle soda pop selection in Western PA,” introduced Pickle Juice Soda on April 28 for “the kind of pickle lover who relishes all things pickled.” Oh yeah, it also announced on its Facebook page that “this is gonna be a really big dill.”

And while there’s surely a healthy number of people who relish all things pickled, Grandpa Joe is missing out on advertising to people who could be the primary buyers of his soda: people who want to wash down shots of whiskey.

Picklebacks, which are simply a shot of whiskey immediately followed by a shot of pickle juice, are delicious and underrated. They usually are only consumed late at night in dingy bars. Pickle Juice Soda has the potential to change all that (if you can get your hands on some from one of the stores in Pennsylvania or Ohio or the online store).

At a Brooklyn house party and you don’t trust your friends homemade pickles for picklebacks? Pickle Juice Soda. Want to drink some cheap whiskey but you don’t remember how long that jar of Vlasic has been open? Pickle Juice Soda. On the go and really have a hankering for a pickleback? Pickle Juice Soda. Have no clue whether or not you even like picklebacks but you want to give it a try the next time you’re out and about? Pickle Juice Soda.

Or you could just drink the Pickle Juice Soda on its own, but judging by people’s reactions on Twitter, the taste is pretty hit or miss. Picklebacks it is.