When Ikea announced their line of meatball-scented candles in August 2021, we truly thought that we had seen it all. Needless to say, none of us were delighted to find out we were wrong when a few months later, Nissin released pumpkin spice flavored Cup Noodles. I mean, who is even buying these things, let alone even entertaining the idea of buying them? Surely it can’t go further from here, right?

Well, it turns out rock bottom has a basement, and in that basement sitting front and center, you’ll find the Pepsi-Infused Pepperoni Pizza. As someone who says a quick and firm “no” when their server rebuttals their request for a Diet Coke with an “is Diet Pepsi okay?,” I truly cannot think of anything worse than ordering a pepperoni pizza and being asked “is Pepsi-infused pepperoni okay?”

This year for National Pizza Day (May 20, in case you somehow didn’t know), Pepsi wanted to do more than simply be the beverage accompanying people’s favorite slice. Also known as the Pepsi-Roni, the pizza was developed through a partnership with the Culinary Institute of America as a way for Pepsi to remind pizza lovers that their soda is “known to enhance the taste of pizza.”

In a press release, director of client experience for CIA consulting David Kamen said, “the concept is quite simple. Pepperoni brings a smoky spiciness, and the Pepsi adds a citrusy sweetness. It’s an intriguing combination we think pizza fans will be excited to try.”

In order to garner these flavor profiles chefs opted to add a Pepsi Zero Sugar reduction instead of water while making the pepperoni. The result is allegedly a pepperoni that channels notes of Pepsi’s signature flavors — brown spices, citrus, and caramel.

New Yorkers who are very familiar with what makes a good slice will be the first to try the newest questionable food collaboration. Made In New York Pizza in the West Village will be giving out free slices from 11 AM to 3 PM on Friday, May 20.