Capriccio Bubbly Sangria is causing a buzz, for imbibers and the internet.

The bottled, bubbly sangria wine with flavors added is being both celebrated and feared on Twitter as “the new Four Loko” because it’s allegedly getting people so f*cked up.

As of yet, there is no validity behind this claim other than anecdotal evidence, but anecdotal evidence there is plenty. People are getting turnt, and they’re posting about it with fervor (and videos).

Florida Caribbean Distillers national sales director, Dave Steiner told Fox News the product is an “all-natural sangria made from 100 percent fruit juice and grape wine.” No additives, and no caffeine—the ingredient that made Four Loko so dangerous, and partially what led to its being banned in several states.

What does Capriccio Sangria Official have to say about all this? “Believe the hype!”

This sounds like a PR nightmare waiting to happen. Drink responsibly, everyone. Or try making your own sangria—we have the perfect recipe.