In the interest of fairness, Pennsylvania is following Ohio’s Pappy Van Winkle lottery system. The state has received 1,804 bottles of the elusive bourbon, and plans to hold a lottery for the state’s residents similar to the one run in Ohio. However, the Pennsylvania lottery will feature a few important differences.

According to Food & Wine, 134 bottles will be combined into 40 multi-bottle bundles, and the remaining 1,670 bottles will be available for individual purchase. Half of the bundles and a quarter of the individual bottles are being reserved for bars, restaurants, and retailers. The remaining 1,275 bottles will be included in the individual lottery, and winners will only be able to purchase the one bottle of Pappy Van Winkle they’ve won. Furthermore, in contrast to the Ohio lottery, the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board will be selling the bottles above the suggested retail price.

The lottery will also feature a kind of bonus prize, where two winners will have the option of buying the whole five-bottle selection of Pappy Van Winkle. However, like the rest of the contestants, winners will only have the ability to purchase the line-up, which will go for $1,899.99. While it’s exciting that the lottery will provide a greater chance of getting a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle, Pennsylvania’s conservative alcohol laws make the price point an issue — although it’s no where near the aftermarket prices the bourbon can reach. Since the distillery only produces 8,000 barrels of Pappy Van Winkle a year, and waiting lists go on forever, any opportunity to get your hands on some is enough for enthusiasts to pony up a little extra cash.