pennsylvania-pappy-headerThe famed Pappy Van Winkle bourbon is known to be expensive, but for 39-year-old Bob Monk of Dauphin, Pennsylvania, a bottle may end up costing him in the thousands.

In late December, the Pennsylvania State Liquor Control Board held a lottery offering people a chance to buy a bottle of 12-year, 90. 4 proof Van Winkle Special Reserve bourbon for only $59.99 plus tax (normally a bottle costs $249.00). What distinguishes Van Winkle bourbon from others is its inclusion of wheat instead of rye, as well as the longer-than-usual aging process that each bottle undergoes — usually 15, 20, or 23 years.

Mr. Monk decided to try his hand and partake in the lottery, and lo and behold, he won.

Good news, right? Except for what he decided to do in the wake of his victory.

Instead of enjoying the prize and being content with his special reserve bourbon, Monk opted to try and sell it. He did some research and discovered that a bottle of the stuff was going for between $350 and $600 on Craigslist.

But what he should’ve done first was consult consult Pennsylvania law. Apparently in the Groundhog State, it’s entirely illegal to sell liquor without a license, even as an individual.

So instead of enjoying his bourbon, Monk is now facing a preliminary hearing next month, and he’s already paid a lawyer $1,400 to accompany him there. Hopefully he wins, because if not, he’ll have to pay a $1,200 fine — plus additional fees — and accept a misdemeanor on his record.

Take it as a lesson in being content with what you have, especially when what you have is Pappy!