You can finally stop putting booze in your Peace Tea, because they’re about to do it for you.

Peace Hard Tea is set to debut this fall, according to an April 17 launch email from the brand. The new launch marks a partnership between Peace Tea producer Coca-Cola Company and brewing giant Molson Coors.

Peace Tea’s cold teas have gained a cult following amongst U.S. and Canadian consumers since their launch in 2009. Now, the brand’s eight non-alcoholic flavors will be joined by a new line of malt-based teas. The three new offerings will be available in individual 24-ounce cans starting in September 2023.

The three hard teas, which contain 5 percent ABV, will come in Peace Tea’s most popular flavors: Freedom of Peach, Really Really Razzy, and More Peace More Lemon.

“Hard tea is growing faster than any other beer alternative segment, and Peace Hard Tea fits right in, building on fruit-forward Peace Tea’s loyal fanbase but made for 21-plus legal-drinking age consumers,” the brand representative says.

The spiked teas will be available at convenience stores in select states. Tea lovers, celebrate accordingly.