Somebody needs to come get Patrick Mahomes’ Nannie — she’s apparently known to enjoy some cold beers while celebrating her grandson’s football wins.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Mahomes celebrated his Super Bowl win with a round of Coors, according to a statement from Coors Light. He was captured on a recent video congratulating teammates on their victory — and sharing some of his postgame plans for later that night.

“I’m about to hammer, like, a hundred Coors Lights,” he quipped on-camera.

PSA: We wouldn’t recommend drinking a hundred of any beverage.

Following the game, Mahomes rode through Scottsdale on the promotional Coors Light RV to commemorate the victory. His free-spirited “Nannie,” Debbie Martin, celebrated from home with some Coors Light at the same time, too.

The Coors Light-branded RV is displayed in this photo.
Credit: Coors Light

She raised a bottle of Coors Light for a photo while wearing Mahomes’ Chiefs jersey. In her always-supportive fashion, she was seen sipping from a specially-designed bottle commemorating Partrick and Brittany Mahomes’ wedding.

Prior to the Super Bowl LVII victory, Nannie spent time celebrating her grandson’s AFC championship win. Patrick’s mother Randi Mahomes shared a video of the family celebrating — and Nannie’s Coors chug — on Instagram.

There’s nothing like some shenanigans from a fun-loving grandma to round out Mahomes’ successful NFL season. During the game itself, Coors Light also created a buzz with its highly-anticipated Super Bowl commercial. An interactive campaign — in partnership with sports betting platform DraftKings — allowed viewers to place their bets on how Coors Light and Miller Light’s gameday commercial would play out.

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