The Palin Family Was Caught Up In A House Party Fight

In one of the odder stories we’ve seen in quite some time it appears that the Palin family was at the center of brawl at a house party last week. Here’s how events unfolded:

Eric Thompson was having fun with friends and his wife at a party in South Anchorage on Saturday night. Thompson, who is 56 years old, was the designated driver for the evening, so he wasn’t drinking. But that was okay with him. He was among friends. It was a birthday party for twins Matt and Marc McKenna, who own McKenna Bros Paving, for whom he works as a project supervisor. Marc is an Iron Dog snow machine racer. Other snow machine racers were said to have been there also.

Most of the party was outside. A live band was playing. People were dancing. Thompson noticed two girls wearing sunglasses walking with an unusual amount of confidence around the yard. He only noticed them because of the sunglasses. That was odd, because it was at night. His wife told him it was Bristol and Willow Palin. “Does she think she’s Marilyn Monroe?” he said to his wife about Bristol.

Todd and Sarah were there also. Todd races in the Iron Dog. According to another witness, Palin wore platform high-tops with the American flag emblazoned on them. Track Palin was there and so was Bristol’s son, Tripp.

Let’s back up for a second, because how they arrived deserves mention:

Political blogger Amanda Coyne reported that Sarah Palin, along with husband Todd and kids Bristol, Willow and Track, arrived in a stretch Hummer and that the fighting started as the beer started flowing.

After the Palin’s arrived in their ‘stretch Hummer’ things took a turn for the absurd:

Bristol Palin allegedly [threw] a right hook, a man who says he was a guest at the party told ABC News.

“She was punching him [another man] in the face like six times; it was an assault if I’ve ever seen one,” Eric Thompson said, adding that he was among 70 guests at the birthday party in Anchorage Saturday.

“It wasn’t a light punch either. She was really hitting him. I’m surprised he just sat there and took it.”

The Palin family was asked to leave the party after Track Palin, 21, allegedly attacked another party guest who had previously dated his younger sister, Willow Palin, Thompson said.

“I heard Sarah Palin yell do you know who I am? All of us could not believe it. We thought we were watching an episode of Jerry Springer,” he added.

Back in July we reminded you to keep to the safe side of sobriety at family BBQs. The same advice applies to house parties, so we’ll repeat it:

When drinking at family get-togethers, we can’t forget that if we drink just a bit too much and happen to do something a little embarrassing, the family will never forget. So while we may need a drink or five in order to get through the day, it’s important to do so with some class.

For more, visit the local blogger Amanda Coyne who broke this story, or head over to ABC News. RealClearPolitics spoke with a source ‘close to the Palin family’ to get their side of the story.

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