Beer drinkers stuck on PBR can breathe a sigh of relief: Pabst Brewing and MillerCoors finally settled an ongoing lawsuit, and Pabst is here to stay.

After an ongoing legal dispute that began two years ago, Pabst and MillerCoors finally settled in court on Wednesday. While Pabst fans feared the worst — that come 2020, MillerCoors would cease production of Pabst’s brands, including the beloved PBR — the settlement offers future options for the nearly-defunct legacy brand.

The breweries’ original contract will still expire in 2020, but will now include two possible five-year extensions, CNBC reports. Although details were not disclosed at press time, MillerCoors said in a statement, “We have reached an amicable settlement in the case and are pleased to resolve all outstanding issues with Pabst.”

With its latest victory, Pabst proves it is the beer that never dies. The 152-year-old brand originally shut down production in 1996. It was then resurrected in 2014. Now, it’s avoided its 2020 demise. How long will PBR go on?