In its latest advertising stunt, Pabst Brewing will begin enlisting customers for a new campaign deemed “In Home Marketing.”

Best known for its Pabst Blue Ribbon brand, the brewing company will turn average homes into living billboards. From now until Sep. 24, Pabst is giving away free household items plastered with the company logo. Participants can then upload photos of their new decor to Instagram, and tag @pabstblueribbon to receive a payout from the brand.

The concept may sound like satire, but a video defines the company’s intentions to help out the “normal non-rich person.”

Everything from toilet lids, cutting boards, blankets, and more are being offered online, with slogans and monikers like “We hope this ad makes you want a beer.” It appears that the campaign is working, since the products listed on the website are all sold out as of Sep. 22.

“One of the principles we operate under at PBR is subversion. Another is offering lighthearted and self-aware entertainment to our friends and audiences,” Nick Reely, vice president of marketing at PBR said in a press release. “A third principle isn’t really giving money away but that’s ok. We made an exception for this campaign.”

Call the campaign Orwellian or far-fetched. But the only thing better than sipping on beer in the comfort of your own home is getting paid to do so (if you don’t mind drinking underneath a branded duvet cover, that is).