Superfans of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can now enjoy a stay inspired by the pale lager.

The Grand Traverse Motel in Traverse City, Mich. is hosting the overnight experience, which is nearly sold out online. Each room’s distinct theme plays off of adults’ memories of the decade, with a neon arcade, dark dive bar, and something reminiscent of a grandparent’s tacky basement decor.

Pabst branding appears in each of the rooms, which all feature interactive elements. “The Arcade Room” includes working vintage video games, while the bed in “The Rec Room” looks similar to a sofa bed. In “The Dive Bar” experience, guests can sleep beside a jukebox and colorful string lights, similar to a visit to a sticky watering hole.

While most dates are already booked for the next month, available rooms can be secured through the motel’s website or over the phone. For one adult, a two-night stay clocks in at $184.40 each night, with a two-night booking requirement.

This kitschy experience by PBR might be cashing in on the nostalgia trend, and the wave of bars whose menus are calling back to bygone eras. Who can say no to an ‘80s throwback with modern luxuries like wifi?