Move over, Sprinkles– your cupcake ATM just got shown up by something a whole lot cooler. According to Metro, Brooklyn-based Randolph Beer has come up with an innovative “Beer ATM.” We know– we don’t understand how we didn’t come up with it first, either.

Located on South 4th Street in Williamsburg, Randolph Bar does indeed have real-live bartenders and a normally operating bar– though why would anyone spring for that when a self-serve beer ATM is within arm’s reach? As Food & Wine reports, the beer ATM functions as a self-service wall of taps. In exchange for a credit card at the bar, the customer is given a beer ATM card; all you have to do is insert the card into the slot above the beer you’d like and choose the size of the pour. Pours range anywhere from 1 – 12 ounces, perfect for those who can’t commit to an entire brew.

The concept not only allows consumers to serve themselves, but also provides opportunities to taste-test multiple unknown beers for a fraction of the cost. Not only does the client benefit from getting a quick taste, the bartender is saved lots of time (and aggravation) from pouring multiple samples. The pressure is totally off, and the consumer can take as long as they want in finalizing their beer decision.

Need a visual? Check out this video posted via Insider, demonstrating the bar’s self-service row of taps.