Researchers at Oregon State University are seeking participants to taste-test hard cider, according to a university Facebook Post.

The OSU Portland Sensory Lab, a segment of the OSU Food Innovation Center, will pay participants $50 for an hour’s worth of cider tasting on July 19 and 20. The study’s drink lineup includes ciders slated to be sold at downtown Portland establishments in the coming months, according to Oregon Live.

The Innovation Center assists local businesses in product development, consumer research, and sensory testing. The center’s ongoing tasting program gathers consumers’ specific feedback on their tasting experiences and shares them with clients.

For its hard cider tasting, the research team is currently seeking applicants in the greater Portland area — but there are a few hoops to jump through to get the chance to participate. Interested drinkers must first apply through the lab’s website, where they’ll be screened for eligibility. A limited number of applicants will then receive an appointment time for their tasting. The lab notes that because the cider samples contain alcohol, all session participants must be over 21.

For those who aren’t keen on cider, the sensory lab also hosts consumer testing events for coffee, burgers, and other items.