Around the world, communities have started a daily tradition of coming together (figuratively speaking) and making noise to show their appreciation for healthcare workers. Last week, one Portland, Ore. man used the opportunity to share a bottle of wine with his downstairs neighbor without either of them leaving their apartments.

As reported in The Oregonian, neighbors Phil Kirkland and Nicole Hudson met each other while hanging out their respective apartment windows and cheering on healthcare workers on the evening of Friday, April 3.

Despite their distance, Kirkland offered to share some of the wine he was drinking (Oregon white blend “Big Salt” by Ovum). Hudson accepted, and grabbed a glass, which she held out her window as Kirkland poured from above.

“It was a pretty decent pour,” Hudson told The Oregonian, though it’s unclear if she was talking about the wine itself, or the fact that it was successfully decanted from such a height.

Kim and Rich Williams, who were passing by on their way to get takeout, happened to capture the exchange on video, which has since gone viral. Kirkland and Hudson, for their part, have since used their newfound fame to drive donations to Direct Relief, a nonprofit that provides healthcare workers with supplies.

“This moment wouldn’t have been captured without the tradition of yelling out the window and supporting healthcare,” Hudson said.