As TikTok challenges go, this is one of the more impressive feats we’ve witnessed while trying to escape the boredom of quarantine life.

On Monday, five-time Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky swam a 50-meter pool length while balancing a glass of milk on her head (chocolate, by the looks of it). Completing the course in around 35 seconds, it was, quite possibly, one of the best swims of Ledecky’s illustrious career — certainly deserving of the celebratory sip she took at the end.

In fitting, competitive fashion for an Olympic athlete, Ledecky posted the video to TikTok, starting a new trend called the “#GotMilkChallenge.” The rules of the challenge are simple: Step 1: Pour a glass of milk. Step 2: Do something amazing (and don’t spill). Step 3: Sip to prove you still “got milk.”

Keen to get in on the action, Australian Olympic gold medalist Susie O’Neill took up the challenge on Tuesday morning. But rather than using the suggested glass of milk, O’Neill attempted to complete her lap with a glass full of Australian beer.

Captured by Australia’s “Sunrise on 7” breakfast show, O’Neill came agonizingly close to completing the challenge, before her balance failed her in the crucial final meters. But not all was lost. O’Neill somehow managed to catch the falling glass and even chugged the beer while swimming the final few meters.

We all know who the real winner was in this one.