Saturday, September 22 marked the official start of Oktoberfest, the infamous German beer festival celebrated each year in Munich and around the world.

The festival will continue until October 7, and is expected to draw around six million revelers to Munich, where over the course of two weeks, more than one million gallons of beer will be poured.

Here’s what it looks like.

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The festival begins with a horse race reminiscent of the October 1810 royal wedding that started it all.

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Parades are aplenty, including groups of musicians, brewers, and other revelers in traditional dress.

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Of course, there is beer drinking— lots of it. This is what a typical beer tent looks like (and that’s not a mirror in the back – it’s more tent).

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Sometimes, people get desperate for their next Hofbrau. We get it.

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Oktoberfest also includes roller coaster rides, a Ferris wheel, and other amusement park attractions.  This actually sounds like a terrible idea.

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Polizei are on site to keep things in order. (Summen töten!)

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Overall, Oktoberfest is filled with Munich-style merriment.