Attention politically and civically conscious listeners of NPR: Prepare for breaking news. After your long commute home from work listening to your favorite public radio station, you’ll be able to pop a bottle of wine specially selected by NPR when you amble through your front door. NPR recently launched a wine club, and the integrity of your wine should match that of your favorite public radio station. So get ready to sit down, curl up on the couch with a glass of wine, and listen to the latest NPR report while you unwind.

The NPR Wine Club gets its wine from Laithwaite’s Wine. Laithwaite’s tests more than 40,000 wines annually, and only selects the top 2 percent for the wine they offer. NPR’s wine of the month club offers red, white, and mixed cases of 12 bottles for $79.99, and the wines are delivered right to your door. NPR will also send three complimentary bottles cleverly entitled The Weekend Edition Cabernet Sauvignon, All Grapes Considered Malbec, and NPR Uncorked Merlot.

Those three special bottles might be the most exciting for NPR fans judging by the descriptions and custom labels:

All Grapes Considered Malbec: “In the spirit of NPR’s flagship afternoon news program, our All Grapes Considered series will introduce you to must-try grape varieties.”

Weekend Edition Cabernet Sauvignon: “Serious, authoritative, but capable of providing moments of pure delight, Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect grape variety to celebrate NPR’s Weekend Edition. Enjoy this California classic with good friends, rich foods and a lively discussion of the week’s events.”

Uncorked Merlot: “Just as public radio needs its supporters, so too does Merlot. Unfairly maligned in the 2004 movie Sideways, this noble grape is capable of great things.”

NPR is just the latest news organization to get into the wine of the month game. Prepare to pour yourself a glass while staying civically engaged.