Arctic Blue Gin is offering the opportunity of a lifetime for gin lovers: Free gin for life. The only catch is, you have to visit its pop-up bar in the North Pole, open for one day only.

The Finnish gin brand, produced by Arctic Brands Group, is opening what it claims to be the northernmost pop-up par on April 17, 2019, located at coordinates N90°E0°. In doing so, it will beat out the highest bar in Hotel Tulpan in Svalbard, Norway.

The Arctic Bar will be staffed by Arctic Brands Group co-founder and brand director Mikko Spoof, along with three other unspecified “mad explorers.” We assume it’s these guys:

At Arctic Bar, four “mad explorers” await the chance to give you free gin for life. Credit: Arctic Brands Group

Leading their expedition is polar expert and photographer Poppis Suomela. Also on site will be photographer Valtteri Hirvonen and director Otso Tiainen, who will film a short documentary on the effects of global warming.

And what’s the deal with the gin? Spoof did not respond immediately to a request for comment (probably because he’s currently trekking through the icy wilderness), but Arctic Brands Group, founded in 2017, won double-gold and spirit of the year in the World Spirits Award 2018. It’s a subsidiary of Chevaliers Holding Ltd Hong Kong.