Just in time for the Olympic Games kicking off south of the DMZ this week in PyeongChang, North Korea may have succeeded in an impressive feat: Brewing a wheat beer.

Using an “exclusive” new brewing technique, the BBC reported, citing North Korean state newspaper, Rodong Sinmun, Taedonggang brewery (or Daedong River Beer Factory, according to the press release) has allegedly released this extraordinary breakthrough (using wheat instead of barley? Unheard of!) after developing it for three or more years, possibly as a result of Kim Jong-un poo poo-ing South Korean beers for their lack of flavor.

According to the BBC, the North Korean newspaper wrote the new wheat beer has “already gained positive reviews from North Korean citizens,” and that the alleged new product is “better than existing beers in terms of its taste and smell.”

Additionally, the BBC reported, the wheat beer is being touted as “a victory in Kim Jong-un’s plan to lift living standards in the Communist country,” and “the result of a ‘round-the-clock battle’ to make life ‘more enjoyable for the people.’”

A translation of the Rodong press release quotes Kim:  “Comrade Kim Jong Eun, the highest leader, said: ‘We must make a decisive transition in improving people’s livelihood and building an economic powerhouse.'”

At the very least, we hope the beer really is being released to the North Korean public, and that the people are enjoying it, and not just pretending to.