At 95 years old, Lilian “Lil” Cox and Doris Hobday are Britain’s oldest twins.

The pair have become an internet sensation over the past month after their granddaughter Kerry Clarke created a Facebook page dedicated to humorous posts and videos featuring the duo. Many of the videos have already racked up thousands of views, but nothing has come close to the stir caused by the pair’s recent advice for living a long and healthy life.

During a Monday appearance on British daytime television show This Morning, Cox revealed her secret to aging gracefully was: “No sex and plenty of Guinness.” When asked “why no sex?” by Holly Willoughby, one of the show’s hosts, the 95-year-old responded: “Well, I don’t have a husband.”

The no-sex-and-plenty-of-Guinness combo probably doesn’t appeal to everyone, but Cox had more life-prolonging advice to offer: raw meat — in particular, sausages. “Just a link of sausage and spread it on your bread,” she told the hosts. “It’s nice. Or I can just cut one in two and put it in my mouth and cut the skin off.”

Following the hilarious segment, the pair returned to their dressing room to find eight cans of Guinness and plenty more years of healthy life awaiting them.