Football games and beer commercials seem to go hand-in-hand. During every NFL game, fans expect at least one Budweiser Clydesdale to gallop onto their screens.

However, Amazon is setting a new precedent for weeknight kickoffs. During Amazon’s first streaming of “Thursday Night Football” this season, alcohol-related ads were nowhere to be found. As highlighted in a Thursday Bloomberg article, wine, beer, and spirit brands aren’t permitted to advertise during Amazon’s programming, per the corporation’s sponsored ad guidelines.

“Please note that this policy does not cover alcohol content featured in non-alcohol ads (for example, a movie trailer starring actors consuming alcohol). Per the Prohibited Content policy, ad content must not encourage, glamorize, or depict excessive consumption of alcohol,” the brand states.

This is the first year that the streaming platform will exclusively broadcast NFL games every Thursday. Beginning with a Sept. 15 Los Angeles Chargers vs. Kansas City Chiefs game, Amazon Prime is set to broadcast 15 games throughout the NFL season. Amazon Prime members can enjoy the games at no additional cost.

While ads from alcohol brands can’t be sold to Prime Video directly, there’s a chance that viewers might still catch a peek of a brew or two. The corporation reserves ad slots for NFL programming, which could possibly include beer brands, according to Bloomberg. As Anheuser-Busch InBev is the official beer sponsor of the NFL, the conglomerate’s brands might enjoy some screen time during those slots.

Even though your favorite brews won’t enjoy Thursday screen time, that certainly won’t stop anyone from sipping a cold one during games.