You can’t walk a New York City block without passing a restaurant. Pizzeria chains sit next to mom and pop Ethiopian spots which sit next to Michelin Star establishment mainstays. It’s a foodie dream to try it all, but you never will. According to data from Open Table, you can eat at a different spot once a day for 22.7 years and never go to the same place twice.

Open Table, a company that reserves last minute tables at all types of restaurants, has 8,282 businesses listed in the five boroughs of New York. Breaking the numbers down, that means it would, to put it simply, take a very long time to eat your way through New York.

Of course, not every restaurant is listed on Open Table. Not to mention by the time you spent a couple years all of your money on restaurants, a whole section of places will have closed and new ones will have opened. Around 80 percent of restaurants fail within five years, according to Business Insider.

If you want to make this Herculean task of eating at every restaurant listed on Open Table in New York City, you can make it something more manageable by breaking it up by borough. It’d take 12 years for Manhattan, 5.5 years for Brooklyn, half a year for Staten Island, and 3.5 years for Queens. Or you could eat at three places a day instead of one — that way you could take down all of New York’s restaurants in 7.5 years.

Or you can just handle restaurants the New Yorker way. Order Seamless.