Yet another reason to continue that moderate drinking regimen came out recently. According to the British Medical Journal, a study conducted at Cambridge University and University College London have discovered that moderate alcohol consumers have a lower risk of heart attack, angina, and heart failure compared to non-drinkers. Teetotalers have a 24 percent higher mortality rate than moderate drinkers, the scientists found.

Conductors of the survey describe the study as “the most comprehensive study to date.” A whopping two million people were surveyed. The topic has been studied for nearly 50 years, with all studies resulting in the same conclusion.

The evidence speaks for itself: moderate drinking is beneficial to our health. So the question remains — why are our doctors not prescribing us a daily drink? While so quick to rattle off the benefits of eating a daily dose of fruit and vegetables, I’ve yet to hear a doctor recommend drinking. Given the fact that drinking has the same health benefits as exercise and diet, and keeps your brain healthy too, it may be time for doctors to recommend moderate drinking (in addition to healthy diet and exercise, of course).