Social distancing has sparked a lot of creativity in the ways we connect with others. Platforms such as Zoom and Netflix Party, and online drinking games have all made being apart much more bearable — even enjoyable.

In Durham, N.C., adjacent neighbors came up with their own way to break the social distancing divide.

In a video shared by USA Today, the neighbors quite literally broke down the barrier between them, and used a pivoting backyard fence to create a makeshift table. With the four-top set up, the neighbors were able to dine together while theoretically maintaining a safe social distance. But the plan wasn’t quite a genius as they first imagined.

As many have since pointed out on social media, the neighbors proceeded to pass each other food and drinks, and share the same appetizer dishes — all of which clearly violate safe social distancing parameters.

While we respect their intentions, next time they should take some inspiration from this guy.