Just in time for game three of the 2019 World Series, Natural Light has announced a new beverage to add to the boozy seltzer craze: Nationals Light Seltzer.

The drink pays tribute to the Washington Nationals baseball team, which currently holds a 2-0 lead in the series over the Houston Astros.

Believing it shares an “underdog” reputation with the Nats, Natty Light made the following statement in a press release: “The Washington Nationals are crashing the World Series in 2019 by making their first-ever appearance, just like Natty Light crashed the seltzer party earlier this year.”

The drink being referenced is Natural Light Seltzer, a cheaper and boozier version than its competitors, that launched over the summer.

Nationals Light Seltzer will be sold throughout the remainder of the World Series at kiosks within Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. Expect to find the usual flavors, including Catalina Lime Mixer: When Cherry & Lime Become Best Friends and Aloha Beaches: When Mango & Peach Go Beach Mode.

No matter how this game shakes out, we’ll always have hard seltzer.