A brand famous for affordable beer just released the world’s most expensive piece of art.

The piece, entitled “Da Vinci of Debt,” was unveiled by Natural Light on Wednesday, according to an email press release. It took center stage at the historic Vanderbilt hall in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal, and is valued at $470 million.

The Da Vinci of Debt

This price tag allowed Natty Light to surpass Da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi,” which was formerly known as the most expensive artwork ever sold. However, unlike the 600 year old painting, the “Da Vinci of Debt” is made up of 2,600 real college diplomas. The installation’s value was derived from the average cost of a four-year college education, multiplied by the number of diplomas used.

The Da Vinci of Debt

The piece was made to highlight the return of the Natural Light College Debt Relief program, which has provided $1 million in aid every year since 2018. Natural Light began this campaign to draw attention to the college debt crisis, and hopes this artwork can attract a serious bidder.

The press release describes the installation as a “mesmerizing collection of real diplomas, suspended in mid-air as if a gale of wind has just scattered all 2,600 of them.” This design was used to illustrate the scale and stress of the crippling debt crisis, and its impact on those affected by it.

The Full Da Vinci of Debt

This year marks the fourth year in Natural Light’s 10-year, $10 million commitment to this campaign. Anyone seeking aid through the program can apply online. And for art-loving philanthropists interested in bidding on the installation Natty says, “you know where to find us.