With droves of college students stuck at home for the upcoming semester, Natural Light has just announced its solution for recreating the college experience: the Natural Light “Dorm from Home.”

The contest, announced in a press release on Wednesday, gives one student the opportunity for a bit of independence while spending the fall semester at home. The winner will get a fully equipped mobile home delivered and parked in their parent’s yard or driveway for the full semester. (Sorry freshmen, you must be over 21-years-old to enter.)

“The Dorm From Home initiative awards one lucky 21+ student with a ‘Nattified’ mobile dorm unit. The dorm comes equipped with all the college staples and a space to call their own while they sit out another semester,” according to the statement.

The “Nattified” mobile, which bears a resemblance to a tiny house, is decked out with a flat-screen TV, heating, AC, a mini-fridge, video games, and, of course, “a semester’s worth of Natty Light beer money to enjoy responsibly.” Basically, it has all the things college dreams are made of.

To enter the contest, post a photo to social media using the hashtags #DormFromHome and #contest and plead your case. According to the press release, Natural Light will pick the most creative argument that “reflects the Natty Light personality and values.”

Hopefully, your parents don’t mind your all-night partying just a few feet outside their home.