The quality of airline service has declined in recent decades, with indifference toward customers, delayed flights, and the occasional dragging of a passenger down an airplane aisle becoming the norm. Often times, when you finally arrive at cruising altitude, a drink is in order. Considering the cost of an airline ticket and the additional expense of a checked bag, personally I think all domestic flights should offer at least one complimentary alcoholic beverage in-flight. While most airlines offer a selection of beer, wine and liquor for purchase, the Nashville International Airport in Tennessee is doing something a little different: craft beer.

There are some spectacular airport bars, as VinePair noted in “The 11 Best Airport Bars in America,” but they don’t allow you to take your drink away with you. Food & Wine reports that Tennessee Brew Works has a small bar/booth in the Nashville airport terminal, which sells a variety of six-packs of their craft beer that you can take onboard your flight. The stand is past the security line, allowing passengers to purchase liquids that they would otherwise have to surrender. Some of the beer featured includes Tennessee Brew Works’s 1927 IPA, Cutaway Rye IPA, and Southern Wit. The beer stand also offers brew on tap, with 16-ounce and 20-ounce draughts for fliers who want to enjoy a cold one before their flight.

Drinking local beer is a great way to experience the culture of a particular city. Factors ranging from ingredients to style often reflect the identity and qualities of the place you’re visiting, and craft beer makes an excellent memento from your trip. And it’s better than spending $7 on an airplane bottle of Jack Daniel’s.