Cuban Sommelier Summit

Harpers has an interesting story about the ‘Cuban Sommelier Summit,’ which was held in Napa back in July. What’s the Cuban Sommelier Summit?

The Californian wine industry is looking to build relationships with the Cuban hospitality and restaurant sector as it looks to make the most of a loophole that excludes wine from the trade embargo between the US and Cuba…20 Cuban nationals got a thorough look into the California wine industry thanks to the Californians Building Bridges’ (CBB) inaugural Cuban Sommelier Summit.

Is Cuba Napa’s next big market?

Though California wine is a rarity in the Cuban market, it is not totally unknown. One of the participating wineries in the event, Wente Vineyards is among the few that boast a presence in Cuba. They began exporting 200 to 300 bottles last year – a low figure when compared to the 100,000 cases they exported to 70 countries around the world.

Doesn’t look like it. More at Harpers.

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