There is no doubt about it: Americans love drinking wine from across the globe, and during the pandemic, Americans continued to turn to brands they know and love.

According to data from the Beverage Information Group (shared by the American Association of Wine Economists), Yellow Tail and Stella Rosa were the best-selling international wine brands in the U.S. in 2020, with 7.0 and 5.2 million 9-liter cases sold respectively.

Yellow Tail, an Australian brand recognizable for its critter label and being “the best bottle of wine on the market for six bucks,” kept its top-dog position and even saw a 6.7 percent increase in volume sales compared with 2019. Italy’s Stella Rosa was a dark horse, growing 112.1 percent in the span of a year.

Other brands that topped the chart included Cavit, 19 Crimes (you know, the bottles with an AR label), and Kim Crawford. The only top-20 brands whose sales decreased during the pandemic included Concha y Toro and Ecco Domani, while half of the bottles in the ranking came from Italy.

Check out the list below to get more details about America’s favorite imported wines.

The Best Selling Imported Wines in the U.S. for 2020

  1. Yellow Tail, Australia (7 million cases)
  2. Stella Rosa, Italy (5.2 million cases)
  3. Cavit, Italy (3.9 million cases)
  4. 19 Crimes, Australia (2.1 million cases)
  5. Concha y Toro, Chile (2.1 million cases)
  6. Kim Crawford, New Zealand (1.6 million cases)
  7. Riunite, Italy (1.4 million cases)
  8. Roscato, Italy (1.2 million cases)
  9. Ecco Domani, Italy (1.1 million cases)
  10. Oyster Bay, New Zealand (1.1 million cases)
  11. Mezzacorona, Italy (1 million cases)
  12. Lindemans, Australia (1 million cases)
  13. Castello del Poggio, Italy (970,000 cases)
  14. Ruffino, Italy (914,000 cases)
  15. Bella Sera (860,000 cases)
  16. Alamos, Argentina (860,000 cases)
  17. Leonard Kreusch, Germany (820,000 cases)
  18. Folonari, Italy (764,000 cases)
  19. Matua Valley, New Zealand (729,000 cases)
  20. Fish Eye, Australia (685,000 cases)