Spritz, anyone? Yelp just released its list of the summer’s top drinks, and the Aperol Spritz takes the top spot.

The company’s data science team looked at reviews under the restaurant and nightlife categories and calculated the monthly rate of change for different drink mentions. Results show that Aperol Spritz mentions increased 94 percent compared to 2018. Spiked seltzer, Palomas, and Negronis are seeing big spikes in 2019 as well.

Mojitos, on the other hand, have reportedly been in steady decline for a decade. Moscow Mules peaked in 2015.

Frosé, most popular in summer 2018, is declining, but is still the most-mentioned summer drink. Yelp reviewers talk about it 117 percent more often in these hot months.

Yelp also broke down the most mentioned drinks in major cities. New York is loving Aperol Spritzes, Chicago is drinking a Paloma, Los Angeles is into the Moscow Mule, and Washington D.C. is all about the frosé.