This is your chance to become a C-list celebrity overnight.

Montucky Cold Snacks, a brand of “beer flavored beer,” is launching a zany contest to find its new mascot, according to a March 22 press release. One beer fan will become the face of the company — appearing on products and advertisements as well as receiving an enviable prize package.

Starting March 22, entrants can create a 30-second video to persuade the brand to pick them to represent it. The video, submitted to the contest website, should outline why they should be Montucky’s first mascot.

“While this isn’t Make-A-Wish Foundation, Montucky Cold Snacks, the beer flavored beer for everyone, is making dreams come true by giving one lucky fan bonafide minor-celebrity status, via its debut Montucky Mascot Contest. This is no joke! The winner’s face will cover hundreds of thousands of Montucky Cans and that’s just to start,” the press release states.

The lucky winner’s portrait will appear on 100,000 Montucky cans, a NASCAR truck for one race, and a company billboard. The prize-winner will also receive a year’s worth of snacks, company merch, an opening throw at a Reno Aces game, and a can-signing tour at liquor shops across the country.

“Much like those of the Royal Family members, the duties of The Montucky Mascot are serious, our mascot will be called upon to hold this title with no real expectations beyond being a sterling legend redeeming these unremarkably legit prizes,” the release states.

The tongue-in-cheek brand, started in Montana in 2012 by Chat Zeitner and Jeremy Gregory, offers one core light beer.

This wild and wacky campaign could lead to the opportunity of a lifetime.