In an exciting stand-off, the original release of low-calorie, light beer Saint Archer Gold was positioned as a notable competitor to Michelob Ultra Pure Gold. However, in the face of pandemic budget pressures and shifting consumer preferences, Saint Archer has now lost out to a completely different calorie-conscious beverage: hard seltzer.

Announced on Monday in a memo circulated to wholesalers and distributors, Molson Coors’ chief marketing officer Michelle St. Jacques declared that the Saint Archer Gold beer offering will be discontinued, with other brands receiving priority moving forward.

St. Jacques said one of the major reasons for putting a pause on the Saint Archer Gold was due to lack of momentum and poor brand activation during the pandemic.

Now, Molson Coors will start putting increased funds behind Vizzy Hard Seltzer, Blue Moon Light Sky (a citrus beer that has been outselling the Saint Archer Gold), and the soon-to-launch Coors Seltzer.

“The choices we’re making today will allow us to put even more energy, resources and focus behind these big bets and the upcoming launch of Coors Seltzer,” St. Jacques said in the memo.

The cancellation may prove sad for Saint Archer Gold drinkers but for the most dedicated fans, the original San Diego-based brewery, founded by professional snowboarders, skaters, and surfers, is still churning out beers in the California area.