Thirty-six-year-old tennis ace, Roger Federer glides across the court with the grace of a ballerina, and the agility of a man half his age. It might come as a surprise, then, to learn he’s celebrating 20 years as a professional player this year. To commemorate the occasion, Federer has teamed up with Moët and Chandon to release a specially-designed, limited-edition magnum, which will retail at a cool $23,000.

As reported by Adweek, the bottle was designed in conjunction with creative agency Sid Lee Paris. It takes inspiration from the handle wrapping of a vintage tennis racket. Detailed on the rubber wrapping is a timeline of Federer’s numerous achievements as a professional, and when unraveled, it reveals a custom label bearing the signature of tennis’ undisputed GOAT.

Only 20 bottles of the ‘98 vintage Champagne have been produced for sale, while a further 20 have been given to Federer to pass on as gifts — that’s if he doesn’t drink them himself. The 20-time champ is a self-confessed Champagne aficionado, citing it as his “weapon of choice” when it comes to entertaining or relaxing.

While the staggering price tag is beyond most peoples’ means, all proceeds will go straight to the Roger Federer Foundation, which aims to provide children around the world with better access to sports and education. And that, at least, is something we can toast to.