With Memorial Day celebrations kicking off this weekend, summer is officially here and with it comes the return of barbeque grilling out in the backyard. We can’t think of many things that pair better than barbeque and beer, and it turns out that Miller Lite agrees with us. The brand has announced their release of Miller Lite Beercoal, which is charcoal infused with Miller Lite intended to turn “Miller Time” into “Griller Time.”

Miller Lite launches Beercoal, grilling charcoal infused with Miller Lite.
Credit: Molson Coors

Charcoal grilling is a method intended to bring deeper flavor to vegetables, meat, or fish, and it is not uncommon for charcoal to be infused or coated with a variety of flavor components — mesquite or applewood, for example, are frequently used to add distinct spice flavorings or smoke flavorings. This is, however, the first time a beer company has decided to infuse charcoal with elements of their brews. Beercoal, which is coated with a Miller Lite concentrate, allegedly releases the flavors of the beer when set aflame in a grill.

Director of marketing for Miller Lite, Anne Pando, said summer is a beer season, and “as a light beer known for great taste, it only made sense to pair Miller Lite with the distinct and beloved flavor grilling offers. We see Miller Lite Beercoal as the perfect way to kick-off a season-long celebration of beer, grilling and hanging out with friends and family.”

Flavor has long since been a focal point in Miller Lite’s branding strategies, and Beercoal serves as another means of demonstrating the brand’s claims — that the taste of Miller Lite is superior to that of other light beers. Four-pound packs of Miller Lite Beercoal can be purchased at MillerLiteBeercoal.com, listed at $11.99 while supplies last. If supplies sell out, the brand has hinted at other online drops that may occur through May 27.