We’re going on a bodega run — do you need anything?

New York City’s beloved, Puerto Rican- and Cuban-rooted convenience stores, as well as the owners who make them so successful, are the spotlight of musical artist J Balvin’s newest streetwear collaboration with Miller Lite.

Called BodegaWear, the launch includes 10 pieces of beer-run-ready clothing and accessories, with all proceeds from the collection benefiting Latino-owned businesses through the Accion Opportunity Fund.

Novelty drinking accessories, such as a navy bucket hat that doubles as a container to easily chill a six-pack, are part of the colorful fashion launch. A metal beer cooler, complete with the collection’s colorful Miller Lite logo and smiley face art, is also available for a cool $154.

Celebrating the community impact of bodegas is the core of the BodegaWear launch. “For millions of people, a stop at the bodega is part of their daily routine,” J Balvin states in a press release. “It’s a space deeply rooted in community, where you always know what you’re looking for but never know what you’re going to get — a place where street style meets convenience.”

Founded in 1961, The Accion Opportunity fund aims to build financial equity for often-marginalized business owners in the United States. Its outreach includes providing resources, networking opportunities, and a sense of community for BIPOC, low-income, and female entrepreneurs.

The BodegaWear collection dropped on Miller Lite’s merch website on Tuesday and is available online while supplies last. A sweepstake also offers fans the opportunity to win items from the collection through the brand’s virtual Meta Life Bar.

While the collection mainly focuses on business owners, we’re always happy to raise a cold one to the much-loved bodega cats of the world, too.