Miller High Life is taking a literal approach to its slogan “The Champagne of Beers” this holiday season. The company has just released limited edition, 750-milliliter bottles adorned with gold foil in Chicago and Milwaukee. A red band that reads “High Life the Champagne of Beers,” wraps around the gold foil at the neck of the bottle, and the label displays the beer’s iconic Girl in the Moon.

Miller tested the 750-milliliter bottles last year in Chicago, and has expanded into the Milwaukee market. “It’s a perfect shareable bottle, and we know the holidays are all about sharing beers and fun times with family and friends,” says Miller High Life’s brand manager Taylor Brown. “This is a way to remind drinkers we truly are the Champagne of Beers.”

When the company released the first bottles last year in Chicago, retailers ran out in a matter of weeks. The Champagne-like bottles were popular enough to prompt Miller to release them in Milwaukee, where High Life debuted on December 30th, 1903.

Miller High Life Champagne bottles sell for $1.99 a piece or $22.99 for a 12-pack. If you don’t live in Chicago or Milwaukee, don’t fret. If sales are successful this year, Miller plans on expanding the release of the limited edition bottles in 2018.