Celebrating the holiday season with “A Christmas Story” rewatch? Miller High Life says, “Hold my beer.”

The Molson Coors-owned brand is introducing a nostalgic (and functional!) favorite for the end-of-the-year hosting season, according to a Dec. 5 press release. The Leg Lamp Beer Tower, a lager-dispensing replica of the film’s iconic leg lamp, celebrates the 30th anniversary of “A Christmas Story” and nearly 120 years since the inception of Miller High Life.

Miller High Life put its own spin on the lamp by modeling the fixture’s “leg” after the boots worn by the Girl in the Moon mascot found on the brand’s label. A beer tap at the base of the item’s red boot makes for easy pouring while it illuminates a room with its battery-operated lights — and as a quirky conversation starter, too.

For those planning holiday soirees, the beer tower holds up to a six-pack of Miller High Life and stands around three and a half feet tall. It’s packaged in a box marked “Fragile,” yet another reference for “A Christmas Story” fans.

“The iconic piece is perfect for a friend who is a holiday movie buff, for a white elephant party to be the talk of the night, or for yourself to toast to making it through another year,” a representative states in the release. “Either way, the High Life Leg Lamp Beer Tower will blaze in unparalleled glory now with the signature effervescence of The Champagne of Beers.”

The funky decoration is set to drop on Dec. 9 on Miller High Life’s merchandise website. Only a limited number of the lamps (retailing for $120) will be available for sale.

Described by the brand as “so indescribably beautiful,” this might just be the height of festive decorating.