On Wednesday night, Miller High Life jump-started the holiday season by offering its limited-edition Champagne beer bottles in custom vending machines. The event, which took place at the Brooklyn-based Landline Bar, offered fans the first unveiling of the unique display.

Known as “The Champagne of Beers,” the company originally debuted the classy 750-milliliter bottles in Chicago three years ago, before promptly selling out. They have rolled out the specialty bottles every year since, in select cities.

Designed as a tribute to the days when bright, bubbly beer was a luxury, much like Champagne, the company released the bottles to reinforce its reputation as the “Champagne of Beers.”

The unique vending machines will be made public at two more NYC-based bar events this week and a commemorative bottle will be gifted to the first 150 people who arrive.

“Around the holidays, we started to see Champagne companies installing these upscale vending machines at high-end hotels in places like Las Vegas, New York and New Orleans,” Nigel Jones, the marketing manager for the brand said in an announcement.

“But to us, it started to feel a bit too high class. Vending machines were built to be accessible to everyone, so we decided to find a way to give the Champagne of Beers its own vending machine,” Jones added.

Unfortunately, it appears the events are all sold out, but the bottles will be available in select bars and restaurants. If you can’t get your hands on one, the real thing is not too bad either.