Miller High Life has long asserted its credentials as “The Champagne of Beers.” Now, the MolsonCoors-owned brand is looking to make that title official.

On May 3, MolsonCoors announced a petition to classify the area within the perimeter of its Wisconsin facility as “The Champagne of Beers Region.” A video accompanying the release declares only beers invented inside that area will be considered a Champagne of Beers. And “invented” is the operative word here. Otherwise, the Miller High Life brewed at the seven additional MolsonCoors facilities around the country would simply be classed as “just a beer.”

While inspired by France’s most famous sparkling wine, the overall analogy is quite loose. The term Champagne is legally regulated and protected by European law, and only grapes grown in the region and produced following specific procedures can be labeled as such. Invention, on the other hand, doesn’t come into the equation.

The good news is MolsonCoors is seeking a Champagne of Beers Region Ambassador and is offering $20,000 in cash, a year’s worth of Miller High Life, and an all-expenses paid trip to Milwaukee for the right candidate. To be considered, drinkers should visit a newly launched website and explain why they would be the perfect ambassador.

Cheers to the bubbly beer fan lucky enough to represent the newly “invented” region.