Calling all those whiskey collectors out there: If you missed Michter’s 2019 drop of its Toasted Barrel Sour Mash Whiskey, you’re in luck. The Kentucky bourbon brand is offering a second release of the coveted spirit this September.

The US*1 Toasted Barrel Sour Mash will be available at select retailers across the United States next month, according to an Aug. 23 press release.

This Toasted expression starts with a unique grain selection, meaning it can be classified as neither a bourbon or a rye — though it exudes notes of both. The fully-matured Sour Mash whiskey sits as a base in the expression. The brand describes its standout whiskey as hitting the palate initially with flavors of “sweet and delicious bourbon and then has a rye-like spice on the finish.” It’s then transferred to toasted barrels, adding a depth of flavor and character to the spirit.

Michter’s master of maturation Andrea Wilson selects the exact toast profile of the whiskey’s barrels. This year’s expression offers spicy notes of smoked honey, oak, and gingersnap cookies.

“At Michter’s we’re proud of the great work done by our production team to create our Toasted program,” president Joseph J. Magliocco states in the release. “We are always trying new things as we endeavor to make highest quality whiskeys, and with the 2014 release of our US*1 Toasted Barrel Bourbon, we became the first company to offer a toasted barrel American whiskey. It’s great to see how this new category has taken off over the past 8 years.”

The 43-percent ABV whiskey will be available in 750-milliliter bottles, with a suggested retail price of $100.

If the brand’s last release was any indication, though, collectors might expect a far higher price tag on the resale market.