Cult-favorite spirits brand Michter’s is increasing production this year to combat the scarcity of its beloved whiskeys.

The brand shared its plan to keep up with whiskey demand in an April 25 statement, sharing that Michter’s is aware of enthusiasts’ difficulties in finding the brand’s bottles.

Along with the announcement of increased production, Michter’s notes several other recent measures to improve accessibility, adding that they alone were still “unlikely to satisfy domestic and international demand in the short term.”

In the past several years, the brand has expanded fermentation with six 18,000-gallon fermenters, a 24/7 production schedule at its main distillery, and a more efficient bottling process. Michter’s instituted new bottling equipment in January 2023, per the release.

“We recognize the frustration of some of our supporters as they encounter challenges in finding certain Michter’s releases on the shelf. We want our loyal Michter’s drinkers to know we are trying to continue to invest in the growth of the brand while maintaining the exceptional level of our whiskeys,” master of maturation Andrea Wilson says in the release. “We have an over 30-year planning horizon for our whiskeys and use models to plan sales and work hard to focus on staying true to the quality of our whiskeys.”

The brand announcement coincides with the 2023 release of Michter’s 10 Year Rye.

The increased capacity supports the brand’s goals of becoming “the greatest American whiskey,” as master distiller Dan McKee says. Michter’s capacity increase follows last year’s bottling and distribution challenges by the distillery, as the 2022 release of its 10 Year Bourbon was delayed until this year.